VIDEO – Gaya World, a platform for creating your own video game

Since 2019, Montpellier-based studio Eritaj Studio has been offering a location-based story game that can be played on smartphones. In January, the company launched Gaya World, a platform for creating your own virtual game. Column in partnership with TouslEco Montpellier.

After launching its first mobile game in 2019, Montpellier-based studio Atlantide, recently renamed Eritaj Studio, is offering the “Gaya World” platform. On a computer or smartphone, you can now create your own video game with geolocation anywhere in the world. “We want to prove that we can play video games while being outdoors and, above all, that this is a sector accessible to everyone,” explains co-founder Romain Aymar.

Since January, all interested players can register for free on their website to create their own game: “We have computer science students, high school students, teachers or lecturer guides.” At the moment, this new feature is in testing: “Every week, one hundred people want to sign up, but at the moment we are limited to 500.” The goal of the founders: to develop at least 300 games throughout Occitania.

Video game in less than 15 minutes

Specifically, creators have access to an interactive map where they can choose the theme of the game and characters. Riddles, reflections, treasure hunts, Gaya World allows everyone to discover their own territory. According to Romain Aymar, ten to fifteen minutes is enough to launch your game and then share it with other users. “We have, for example, someone who has created history with mathematics. Animals disappeared in the park, to find them you need to solve puzzles or a game about global warming. Today, a dozen games can be played in Montpellier, as well as in Castries, Lunel, or even Marsiliargue. “It also allows residents of smaller towns to highlight their neighborhood and their heritage,” explains the co-founder.

The full version of Gaya World may be available at the end of the year or early 2024.


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