Video. How to make video games more eco-responsible?

Consoles that consume too much energy, old machines that have become obsolete too quickly and non-recycled waste: for some, the environmental impact of video games is too heavy.

In partnership with Brut, here are some tips for a more responsible use of video games.

1. Combating planned obsolescence of consoles

Released in November 2020, the Playstation 5, Sony’s latest novelty, had sold more than 3 million copies in the first month of its marketing, the biggest success ever for the Japanese company.

But behind this new model is also a very expensive manufacturing process in energy. From extracting minerals from the soil to exporting the finished product around the world, the ecological impact is significant. Too much for some, especially since the technological advance of each new model is too low compared to previous consoles.

“I think the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which came out in 2006, represented the point at which rendering and processing power were no longer an obstacle to achieving a creative vision,” said Hugo Bille. , video game developer.

For this video game developer, committed to the fight against global warming, it is the responsibility of video game manufacturers like Sony to extend the life of their consoles, or at the very least, to continue to produce games. compatible with older models.

2. Reduce the energy impact during use

Between 2013 and 2017, all of the Playstations 4 in Europe consumed 4.3 terawatts of electricity, the annual consumption of a country like Nicaragua.

Some consoles are still less energy, like the Nintendo Switch.

In addition, to take full advantage of graphics, video game developers often encourage them to invest in the latest screens, which also consume a lot of energy. To reduce its ecological impact, it’s up to the player to resist the temptation to buy one of these new screens. This will not increase the power consumption during game time, as well as the overconsumption of rare materials used in the manufacture of 4K or 8K displays.

3. Recycle your old consoles

According to a study by the UN, in 2019, only 17.4% of electronic waste was collected and recycled across the world.

Still, vintage is good. Despite the release of new consoles, the “old generation” models still perform very well. To reduce waste, consider donating or selling your old still functional consoles, or bringing your out-of-service equipment to a suitable recycling or repair center.

In 2019, only 17.4% of electronic waste was collected and recycled across the world.

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