Video. In Russia, a robot chess player broke the finger of a seven-year-old opponent

But so far, this very human behavior has hardly been applied to machines. So what could have come “into the head” of this Russian robot on July 19? According to several Russian media outlets, as well as the Guardian, the car confronted a 7-year-old child, one of the best in the city, during a tournament in Moscow. A robotic presence that is not abnormal as it is increasingly seen during tournaments.

Unlocked by parents

But the game changes when a child discovers that their finger is stuck in the robot’s hand. Blocked for a few seconds, he finally comes out after the intervention of several adults who were present next to him. Pictures from the scene, shared on social media, prompted an immediate reaction.

The Moscow Chess Federation immediately reacted and claimed responsibility for the accident. “The robot broke a child’s finger,” its president Sergei Lazarev said, referring to the child’s clumsiness and “an extremely rare event.”

The young player would hasten his gesture by starting his turn before the car had finished its turn. “There are certain safety rules, and the child apparently violated them. When he made his move, he did not realize that he had to wait first, ”explained the vice-president of the Moscow Federation.

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