VIDEO. Magali Berdakh-Buba case: testimonies of their lawyers

Published on 22.07.2022 15:15

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For 2 months, rapper Buba fought with the business manager at the head of Shauna Events, Magali Berdakh. According to the singer, she will incite the influencers she works with to promote deceptive and unreliable commercial practices. That’s what’s going on between Buba and Magali Berda.

“Buba discovered that he was offered to invest and in fact it was not so. He thought he had an interlocutor, he ran into the system.” In one week, Buba posted more than 40 tweets accusing a powerful agent of dubious business promotion. Among the questionable practices mentioned is dropshipping, a three-way system between the buyer, reseller and supplier.

On June 1, the Paris prosecutor’s office launched an investigation. Each sued the other. Today their lawyers testify in the case. “Buba especially denounces dropshipping. He decided to let the whole public know about it, because there is a system of influencers, which consists in insulting people, selling them anything without any verification, ”explains the singer’s lawyer.

For his part, the entrepreneur’s lawyer explains: “Obviously, there is fraud in this environment, that dropshipping is reprehensible, etc., but Ms. Berda, as an influencer, and Ms. Birda, as the head of Shauna Events, have never been subjected to doubt. for this practice.

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