Video – Marseille: this robot helps surgeons at Saint-Joseph hospital to place prostheses

As part of the RAAC (Accelerated Recovery After Surgery), Saint-Joseph Hospital in Marseille has in its workforce the Mako, a robotic arm. The automaton assists orthopedic surgeons during knee arthroplasties, that is to say the fitting of prostheses, total or partial.

Supervised by an engineer, the robot uses the pre-operative images and sensors placed on the patient and the instruments to perform a “mapping”, a real-time 3D cartography of the joint.

The robotic arm creates a physical limit for the surgeon, preventing him from cutting beyond what is expected before the operation, all to allow optimal cutting of the joint. Thus, almost all of the tissues around the bone are intact, the prosthesis perfectly fits the femur and the tibia, which will accelerate the patient’s recovery.

With this rapid recovery program, the Marseille hospital aims to return to walking (with a cane) and driving for its patients, between 3 weeks and 1 month after the operation.

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