Video of a robot dog firing an assault rifle is less disturbing than it sounds

Have you ever seen a video of a robot dog training to shoot an assault rifle in a snowy environment? Despite the outward appearance, this robot ends up being less of a nuisance than it looks. That’s where it comes from.

When reality surpasses fiction, sentry robot dogs appear, which need not bite, but attack. You may have already seen this video on social media. Vice traced the origin of the video to find out where it came from and in what context it was filmed.

Robot dog with a gun — Photo: Alexander Atamanov / Facebook

As we suspected, given the amateur design of the device, this is not just another robot to be sent to war. In fact, a Russian named Alexander Atamanovka came up with the idea of ​​strapping an assault rifle to the back of a Unitree Robotics robot dog. This one looks like the famous Boston Dynamics robot, capable of doing a lot of different tasks.

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Alexander Atamanovka is known as the founder of a local hoverbike company. He seems to be passionate about new technologies and military equipment. That explains why he combined them into a robot dog straight out of the Netflix series Black Mirror.

Actually, this Russian robot dog isn’t all that complicated. Alexander Atamanovka, it seems, simply attached the machine gun to the back of the robot. The camera shoots the scope, and Alexander Atamanovka is probably the one who remotely activates the rifle trigger.

As Weiss explained, “The robot dog doesn’t seem to handle weapon recoil well. When it fires, the gun rises and it takes a minute for the robot to regain its balance.” In fact, it is not stable enough to shoot accurately. Well, this is probably just a toy for Alexander Atamanovka. He has already shared other photos of the robot dog, including one of the robot bringing him a cup of coffee.

In any case, the popularity of robot shooters will probably only be a matter of time. The French army is already testing the Boston Dynamics robot dog in the field, but not for lethal purposes. However, the US company Ghost Robotics has already unveiled a robot dog equipped with a custom-made assault rifle designed by SWORD International.


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