VIDEO – Sports betting: why the addiction of young players is becoming more and more of a concern

It wasn’t hard to find underage boys, mostly boys, who were betting. They are sixteen and seventeen years old and play very regularly, up to 100 euros a week. “I saw a friend who started betting and making money, so I started doing it,” says one of the two young people. “I go to the “Create an account” menu, enter my first name, last name, date of birth, my address, email address and that’s it. I am asked to show ID just when I want to withdraw money. ‘ adds another young man.

In almost 70% of cases, young people manage to obtain an identity card from an adult and an associated bank account, often in their own circle. This is where the control over bookmakers ends. Thinking you are of legal age, they will encourage you to play more and more. “I received an email, a straight physical email that said, ‘We haven’t seen you on this site for a long time, here’s a €20 free bet to revive you,’” the miner continues.

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