VIDEO – Tesla Model 3, woodcutters’ favorite car of the future?

While some Tesla customers in Norway are looking forward to the future Cybertruck, others are using their Model 3 as a replacement. And it works! The proof is in the video.

Elon Musk has been promising Cybertruck for years. But the electric pickup truck hasn’t made it to the public yet. So for now, if you’re looking for a Tesla to haul things, the Model 3 will suffice. And as you’ll see below, it’s not that bad. A Norwegian owner of a Tesla Model 3 and a few of his friends who also own a Model 3 had to move some firewood before winter. With no Cybertruck on hand to do so, they were left to fend for themselves with their Model 3s. Whip Skinnes, the person who posted the video, shared it after half a day hauling firewood. Aside from the ground clearance issues that cars can face, the Model 3 seems to do a pretty good job of this sort of towing challenge.

Carrying a tree about 10 meters is certainly not optimal for a number of vehicles, but having instant torque is certainly an advantage for any electric vehicle over a gas vehicle in regards to towing. However, this does not mean that these trees are not heavy. Adult aspens in cut form can weigh more than 250 kg. Skinnes posted on Instagram that farmers across the country are waiting for the Tesla pickup to arrive.

First Norwegian customers?

Much of Norway is particularly suitable for trucks and SUVs. Not to mention, the country is one of the largest markets for Tesla on the planet. In fact, Norwegians have more electric vehicles per capita than many other parts of the world. Musk has repeatedly promised to put the Cybertruck into production. Unfortunately, the electric pickup has accumulated quite a few delays and setbacks.

So far, the Model 3 looks like a great farm vehicle. But no one wants to put a few sheep in the back of their Tesla. Norwegians looking for an electric truck will have to turn to the Ford F-150 Lightning, Hummer EV or Rivian R1T. The Chevrolet Silverado EV and Ram 1500 EV are also expected to hit the market soon.

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