New game announced in 2020 Luminous productionto which we owe Final Fantasy XV, over time managed to generate interest to such an extent that the game became almost as expected as the sixteenth opus of Final Fantasy.

However, as soon as the demo was published, the soufflé fell on the players, who, despite everything, still hoped to get a grand Action-RPG. Now available from January 24, 2023last game Square Enix was carefully studied by the editors of Console Fun using a video test Mactorius. So is the game worth it?

The answer is in the video below.

*The game is available on PSN, see this link

====Summary of experience in video====


  • Graphically worthy of new technologies
  • good quality vf
  • The gameplay is completely focused on magic.

*Weak points

  • The open world is too empty and too classic
  • Lip sync
  • Dialogues are sometimes a bit useless and off topic

Note : 14/20

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