VIDEO. The La Navette media library in Elbeuf launches a new service dedicated to video games.

This new service called “La Navette aux Joysticks” will be launched on the bank holiday on Saturday 24 September 2022. Users will be able to play twice a month on the consoles provided to them.

Anke and her children playing Mario Kart – Photo Paris Normandie

Angelique Fouquet has prepared a rich program for the festive day of Saturday, September 24th.Angelique Fouquet has prepared a rich program for the festive day of Saturday, September 24th – Photo Paris Normandie

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Frederic THULIER

Published: September 19, 2022 at 11:20 am.

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This is a novelty that will make people happy. Alone or with others, users of the Elbeuf media library can come twice a month to play on the consoles provided to them. This new service called “La Navette aux joysticks” will be launched on the bank holiday on Saturday 24 September.

Kirill, 12, will not be the last to take part. His sister Marie, aged 11, could well have accompanied him there. Because the family loves games of all kinds. “Board games, all three or with friends, and video games,” says Anke, the mother. Checking into the toy library in Elbef, the family “takes board games regularly. We also buy something, but this is a big budget.” Marie recently counted 285. “We bought a Nintendo DS console for Saint Nicholas three years ago,” the Flemish-born mother continues. Marie loves to play Harry Potter, Cyril loves fighting games and I love old games like Mario Bros, Tetris or Professor Layton. »

“I want to share these moments with my children, even as a spectator”

Platformers, action games, strategy games, puzzle games… Everyone has their favorite games. “Cyril doesn’t like to play games like Call of Duty with me because I make him lose,” Anke smiles. Besides, this is not my universe. I’m not holding on But I want to share these moments with my children, even as a spectator. »

If, when the children were younger, Anke sometimes vetoed a game that she did not consider appropriate for their age, now they have the freedom of choice. “There is no point in banning,” she says. They went to play with friends. Moreover, the console is located in the living room and the violence on the screen, for example, can be an occasion for dialogue. »

At the moment, Zombicide is popular with Cyril, a cooperative game, to which he devotes one to two hours on weekends. “The video game complements the traditional board game,” concludes Anke, “that’s really a plus. »

“The library is the first local cultural institution, the aim of “La Navette aux joysticks” is to respond to the use of the public and invite them to meetings around the game, regardless of age,” explains Angelique Fouquet, in charge of the organization. new service.

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Indeed, video game culture is seriously gaining momentum. A survey* conducted by the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (SELL) in 2021 shows that 73% of French people play at least occasionally (two points more than in 2020) and 58% regularly (+6 points). Of all players, 88% are adults, including 18% retirees and 12% children. Activities that fit well into intergenerational relationships.

* “The French and the Video Game”. The data is collected and analyzed by Médiamétrie on behalf of SELL. An online survey conducted from September 6 to 27, 2021 with a sample of 4,016 Internet users aged 10 and over, representing the population of Internet users residing in France.



When Angelique Fouquet took office a year ago, the management of the media library entrusted her with the creation of a new service. It will be launched on Saturday, September 24, “on a public holiday,” the young woman explains. From 10:00 to 18:00 there will be video games in the media library. Stand with three latest generation consoles with several games for the public to choose from. Another virtual reality. Artist-led pixel art workshop, retro game consoles too…”

Anim’Elbeuf’s toy library will offer board games related to the video universe. From 13:00 to 17:00, six to ten participants will be able to play “Werwolves” (an hour session, register on the website or call 02 35 77 73 00). At 15:00, conference of the President of the eSports Club of Rouen on the topic “The truth about fake video games” with an interactive quiz on a smartphone.

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