Video: Twitter, think before you share!

Twitter continues its crusade against fake news. After banning political ads and mentioning messages from Donald Trump that peddled information deemed false, the social network is trying to encourage users to read the content mentioned in the message link before sharing it.

“Sharing an article can spark a conversation, so you might want to read it before tweeting it,” the social network now explains. “To promote informed discussions, we’re testing a new type of incentive on Android – when you retweet an article you haven’t opened on Twitter, we may ask if you’d like to open it before.” “

A new feature is being tested to do this on Android devices. This test is part of Twitter’s attempts to curb the spread of disinformation.

“Good idea,” says Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and a keen Twitter user, approved the initiative. “Good idea,” he reacted on the platform. “Many articles are retweeted based on their titles, which often do not match the content. “

Five months before the US presidential election, Twitter is stepping up measures to clean up exchanges on its platform. Last week, 32,000 accounts were banned from the social network. He is not the only one. Facebook has also implemented fact-checking systems.


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