[VIDEO] VIDEO. Olympics 2024 in Paris: where are our athletes two years before the Olympics in France?

The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are approaching. The World Championships in Eugene, the Volleyball League of Nations or the World Fencing Championships in Cairo give an idea of ​​the current form of our athletes.

Concerns and reactions to athletics

At the end of the Eugene (Oregon) World Championship, a problem was born. A “performance optimization unit” will be set up to target the Paris Games in 2024, French Athletic Federation (FFA) performance director Romain Barras announced on Sunday. .

“In the coming months, we are going to set up a performance optimization team surrounded by a researcher. If it helps the athletes by a hundredth or by a centimeter, it can make a difference, ”said Barras, answering a question from the representatives of the federation in the speech of the athletes of the French team. The division will be overseen by Betran Valchin, technical manager and former coach of decathlete Kevin Mayer, who won the world title with him in 2017 and the world record in 2018 (9,126 points).

Barras received a “very positive mark” at Eugene’s World Championships, but finished with a single medal, the Blues’ worst result in the competition since Stuttgart in 1993. process of self-assertion, many of them declare themselves at the international level,” Barras assured two years after the Games.

Kevin Meyer’s gold medal is certainly a huge satisfaction that contrasts with the poor track record of other tricolor athletes.

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Team sports

Volleyball players are successful, after the Olympic title they won their first title in the League of Nations against the USA. Confirmation for this team that will arrive with their favorite costume in 2024.

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ud83cudfc6 A year after winning the Olympic title in Tokyo, 🌸EDF won another international trophy by winning the Volleyball Nations League. #Blues win tight final against USA (3-2)

😉 Read article 😉

— FFvolley (@FFvolley) July 24, 2022

With the final and the silver medal in Tokyo, basketball players want to defeat the American giant once and for all. They arrived there in the pool before losing in the final. This time in Paris, Evan Fournier’s teammates could make history with a huge help from Joel Embiid. The NBA superstar has received French citizenship and wants to play in the Games for France.

Questions surround the Tokyo non-qualifying rugby sevens, the French will still be able to count on some of the XV’s flagship players to lend them a hand. Like Antoine Dupont, who expressed his desire to participate in the Olympic tournament. Gabin Villiers could also return to the French national team at the age of seven.

Traversing through other disciplines

The French fencing team made a splash at the World Championships in Cairo. Isaora Tibus, Romain Cannone and Enzo Lefort once again confirmed their status by walking away with gold. In Egypt, the men’s epee team was also crowned. Another satisfaction, Tarbais Maxime Pianfetti silver medal on saber.

In judo, Teddy Riner returned victoriously to the Grand Slam tournament in Budapest in early July. The judoka sets Paris as the main test of his huge career and will retaliate after a setback in Tokyo, where he only won bronze.

Sofiane Omiha of Toulouse is also set to win gold in Paris. The boxer made his professional debut this year, winning 2 victories in the same number of fights. He also won the World Amateur Championship at the end of 2021. The virtuoso already has a silver medal, obtained in Rio.

Finally, in skateboarding, Wisen Milu, who placed fourth at the last Olympics, won silver at the X Games, a prestigious US competition. He became the second French medalist of the Summer X Games.

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