Vinyl record revenue now exceeds Playstation games revenue.

UA study by the ERA (Entertainment Retailers Association) found that vinyl had just overtaken PlayStation games to become the second best-selling physical entertainment in the UK.

With video game sales generating more revenue than vinyl, it looks like the format’s resurgence for the first time in 30 years has turned the tide. As shown in a UK Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) report, the sale of vinyl records today generates more revenue than the physical sale of PlayStation 4 and 5 games. Only sales of Nintendo Switch games in 2022 brought in more money than vinyl. According to the association, vinyl record sales this year brought in £80.9m, up from £72.1m in the same period last year. Sales of PlayStation 4 and 5 games also rose, but not significantly, from £74.7m to £79.6m.

Kim Bailey, CEO of ERA, said: “The rise in vinyl seems to be unstoppable. For a 74-year-old analog format, the technology eclipse of the digital age of gaming platforms is rather unusual. Ten years after it became popular again, the vinyl renaissance is definitely not going to drag on. »

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