Viral | Lady Mouth Cover: becomes a trend after refusing to wear a mask and …

Thanks to social networks, the case of a young woman named “Lady Cubrebocas” has become known. The girl offended a policeman after she ask to wear a mask. The incident, recorded in a city in Mexico, went viral and sparked various reactions on the Internet.

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“The park is open! To keep it that way it is essential that we use the MOUTH COVERS ALL THE TIME. This happened yesterday and like this response we have had several. We ask them to help us in the use of masks and to respect the way we all want them to respect us, ”explains the post made by the Twitter account of La Mexicana Park, located in the Contadero neighborhood, in Mexico City.

Faced with the reaction of the woman, who did not hesitate to raise her middle finger to the authorities, Internet users criticized her and were quick to make her known on social networks.

“It’s not about whether or not you believe in its effectiveness, it’s about the use of face masks that must be accessed,” one netizen said. “This person does not respect, they would have taken him out of the park and we are tired of the irresponsibility of many citizens,” wrote another. “It is already a crime for all of us who are struggling to survive this pandemic”, we can also read.

It should be added that this is not the only case reported by the park, since, according to La Mexicana, there are several visitors who have ignored the recommendations issued by the health authorities.


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