Virtuality Web3 Summit 2023: Only a Few Days Left!

Soon Paris will again be the scene of a grand event with the participation of Web3. In about ten days, the City of Light will host the Virtuality Web3 Summit. Review!

Virtuality Web3 Summit 2023, meeting place for professionals

Blockchain meetings, Paris already knows. To refer only to the 2021 and 2022 Blockchain Week Paris Summit. If the first singled out bitcoin, then the other singled out decentralized finance (DeFi).

This time, another important event will take place in the city of love: the Virtuality Web3 Summit. This event consists of bringing together professionals from the sectors of immersive technology, virtual worlds and blockchain.

The Virtuality Web3 Summit scheduled for March 16th and 17th will take place at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. It will host dozens of seminars, conferences and round tables that will allow Web 3 players to:

  • develop your network;
  • explore the new economy associated with new technologies (blockchain, NFT, smart contract, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, etc.);
  • access a variety of immersive tools adapted to the “spatial web” that adapt to augmented, mixed, virtual and augmented reality;
  • learn more about the metaverse (DAO, virtual realities, decentralization…);
  • etc.

In addition, we must agree that the new blockchain and metaverse technologies have already captured the hearts of the French. That’s why several players joined the Virtuality Web3 Summit in Paris without hesitation. Among others, we mention BUGA, Homeety, Klona, ​​Glowbl, Lab RH, EdTech Franc, Doors3, Maestria Blockchain, Alyra, Holberton, Synergiz, etc.

It should also be noted that the long list of speakers at the Virtuality Web3 Summit 2023 includes the names of Constantin Garro (PMU), Hélène Labaum (Carrefour), Arnaud Pages (L’ADN), and Karen Jouve (Doors3).

Virtuality Web3 Summit in 30 minutes

Some practical information

Among the details of the site dedicated to Virtuality Web3 Summit 2023, pay attention to the following points:

  • opening hours: 9:00 to 18:30 (18:00 on Friday, March 17);
  • registration for the event: online for professionals free of charge;
  • registration for sessions: it is also recommended to do this in advance, and check-in will be subject to availability;
  • personal data necessary for the best management of participants;
  • wardrobe: available at a modest price of 2 euros per piece;
  • etc.

In anticipation of other Web3 events to be planned in Paris, don’t forget that there’s a big event coming up in March. And it’s called Virtuality Web3 Summit.

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