Vision. A mysterious pink glow in the Australian sky came from a cannabis plantation.

As night fell in Mildura, a town in the Australian state of Victoria, on July 20, a pink light suddenly appeared on the horizon, jokingly called by The Guardian: “Alien invasion? Season 5 of Stranger Things? Portal to space-time? The photo below was tweeted by a local journalist:

“Everywhere in Mildura and neighboring towns, people rushed to their gardens and porches to photograph this apocalyptic light,” writes the British newspaper. Tammy Shumovsky testifies: “I was on the phone with my mom, my dad said it was the end of the world.”

Alexandra Talant, also quoted by The Guardian, says her husband put her on guard. That evening, the couple’s horses seemed especially distracted. “Something that will delight the imagination of children and certainly support the alien hypothesis.”

But “the explanation was far more banal,” the Guardian rages, citing a press release issued by medical marijuana company Cann Group, which indicates that the light came from one of its production units, whose blackout blinds were left open.

Rhys Cohen, Communications Manager at Cann Group Ltd, said:

“Growing cannabis plants involves using different types of light. Red light is often used. There are blinds in the warehouse, which are usually closed at night, they prevent the passage of this light beam in the future.

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