Viticulture: Maison Johanès Boubée launches the first blockchain in Occitania

Published on July 27, 2022, 10:10 am

Maison Johanès Boubée, a trading and bottling company and wine subsidiary of Carrefour, is deploying the first wine blockchain in Occitania in the Minervois Bio appellation in partnership with Celliers Jean d’Alibert. This appellation refers to 300,000 bottles bottled at the Maison Johanes Boubée plant in Nimes, out of 43 million bottles bottled in Gard in 2021. The wines are sold under their own brand name La Cave d’Augustin Florent.

“This technology consists of attaching a unique QR code to each bottle of the Minervois Bio appellation,” explains Eric Jung, CEO of Maison Johanès Boubée and “Monsieur Vin” Carrefour. Thus, consumers have access to information about the product, the name of the winemaker, his wine estate, the date of organic certification…” Each participant in the production chain uploads their own elements to the blockchain. “The advantage is that it is a technology for storing and digitally transmitting secure and tamper-proof information. It is a database that contains the history of all exchanges between its users since its inception. We always keep the history of what has been done. Nothing is deleted,” says Eric Jung.

Traceability of products for the consumer

This blockchain is designed to meet consumer expectations, especially in terms of traceability and transparency. Thus, the goal is to connect with the consumer by showing him the quality of the product and to attract a younger clientele through the introduction of new technologies. “We want to inform the consumer about the origin and quality of wine in order to make it more transparent,” emphasizes Maison CEO Johanès Boubée. Blockchain allows you to respond to the desire of customers to “consume better”. On the other hand, “this is a way to connect with the growers, to bring them back to the heart of the system. Their work is recognized and appreciated,” adds Eric Jung. It is also a way for winemakers to understand customer expectations.

Within the Carrefour group, blockchains have already been deployed for other products such as Bordeaux Bio in 2020. Since then, sales of this cuvée have grown by 7%. Currently, about forty Carrefour products use this technology. Maison Johanes Boubée, located in Bordeaux, has 7 sites in France, including a bottling center in Nimes, the only site in Occitania, and employs 600 people.

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