VMware to acquire Mesh7 to secure cloud native applications

Image: Mesh7.

VMware on Thursday announced plans to acquire Mesh7, a company that secures cloud native applications and microservices by monitoring application behavior at the API layer. No details regarding the transaction have been disclosed.

Once the acquisition is finalized, VMware plans to integrate the contextual security product of API behavior from Mesh7 into Tanzu Service Mesh.

The new generation of security services

The integration “will allow VMware to provide a high-fidelity understanding of application components that communicate with each other through APIs,” says Tom Gillis, SVP and GM of VMware’s Networking and Security division, in a post. blog.

“Developers and security teams will each have a better understanding of when, where and how applications and microservices communicate through APIs, even in multi-cloud environments, enabling better DevSecOps,” he continues.

The Mesh7 solution is based on Envoy, an open source Layer 7 proxy designed for large modern service-oriented architectures. Envoy is also a fundamental component of Tanzu Service Mesh. “Very early on, VMware understood that Envoy would become the platform for next-generation security services,” defends Tom Gillis.

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