VMware vSphere Now Certified to Run Nvidia’s AI Workloads

VMware yesterday announced updates to its vSphere server virtualization software, notably to support the latest advancements in its partnership with Nvidia to accelerate adoption of AI. The company also announced updates to its vSAN 7 storage virtualization portfolio and said the two new versions will help businesses have an infrastructure ready for AI.

Regarding server virtualization, VMware announced that Nvidia’s AI workloads are certified to run on vSphere 7. The new Nvidia software suite, officially named Nvidia AI Enterprise, aims to give businesses the ability to develop AI software for a variety of applications such as healthcare diagnostics, industry 4.0, and finance fraud detection.

According to VMware and Nvidia, the software suite provides multi-node performance for AI applications on vSphere that are close to bare metal servers. Currently, vSphere 7 is the only virtualization platform certified to support Nvidia’s AI software suite.

“Until now, the AI ​​has been running on bare metal servers”

“Until now, AI has been running on bare metal servers,” said Justin Boitano, vice president and general manager of Enterprise and Edge Computing at Nvidia. “Nvidia AI Enterprise enables customers to reduce AI model development time from 80 weeks to just eight weeks, and enables them to deploy and manage advanced AI applications on VMware vSphere with the same scale-out.” .

To power the applications of Nvidia AI Enterprise, VMware has stated that vSphere 7 Update 2 is certified for Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPUs on systems certified by NVIDIA, including those of Dell Technologies, HPE, Lenovo and Supermicro. Nvidia has also certified vSphere as the only server virtualization software to provide hypervisor support for live migration with Nvidia’s multi-instance GPU technology.

Updates for VMware vSphere 7 and VMware vSAN 7 are available immediately. Nvidia AI Enterprise is available as a perpetual license for $ 3,595 per CPU socket. Standard support for the Enterprise Business Suite is $ 899 per year per license.

In September, VMware and Nvidia unveiled plans to integrate the latter’s artificial intelligence applications for unified management of applications, security and data processing unit accelerators. The partnership assures Nvidia’s role in hybrid clouds as VMware showcased an architecture integrating data processing units (DPUs) in the data center, cloud and edge computing. The two companies said the bet was that the integration would be able to accelerate the adoption of AI in businesses.

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