Voice chat via Discord is coming to Xbox

Good news for Xbox users: they can now voice chat with other players on console, PC or mobile via the famous Discord messaging service. A long awaited feature, perfect for team play!

Over the years, Discord has become an essential companion for PC gamers. And for good reason: this free instant messaging service allows multiple people to communicate in real time in written form (messages) as well as audio (voice mode) and even video in public or private groups, where each is identified by a pseudonym. Ideal tool for sharing and coordination in team games. But what console users have been deprived of so far. The gap is being filled today by Microsoft, which just formalized its partnership with Discord, celebrating the arrival of voice chat on Xbox consoles for Xbox Insiders.

Discord on Xbox: cross-platform voice chat

In fact, as far as Sony is concerned with PSN (PlayStation Network), it was already possible to link an Xbox account to a Discord account to display the title of the current game in an online state. But the connection was limited to this information only. The agreement between the two companies goes much further as it allows – finally! – Players can chat in real time via Discord during their games. Of course, only voice mode is available on the Xbox console (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One), both in duo and group. But messaging also works on PC and mobile, just like Xbox games are now available on PC and smartphones thanks to Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming.

Admittedly, there was already a voice chat system for communicating while playing on Xbox Series and Xbox One through the Xbox app. But it was much more difficult for a console player to communicate directly with a PC user. This new collaboration between Microsoft and Discord makes it possible! Players will be able to communicate and collaborate in their games much more easily, regardless of the platform they use.

At the moment, this voice chat feature is mainly intended for console players. As long as they link their Discord account via the mobile app on their smartphone to their Xbox account, they will be able to make group calls – which is very useful for chatting while playing games like Halo Infinite and Minecraft together – but also to see who is in a group chat and who is talking using the Overplay feature. Of course, it will be possible to adjust the volume of each participant or turn off the microphones – the famous Mute mode.

How to enable Discord voice chat on Xbox?

Voice Chat is now available to members of the Xbox Insider Program, a program that provides early access to new features to help developers. It will be rolled out in the coming weeks to the rest. Here’s how to link your Xbox account to your Discord account so you can enjoy voice chat.

► Press the Xbox button on your controller.

► Go to the Groups and chat section.

► Select “Try Discord Voice Chat on Xbox”.

► The QR code is displayed. Scan it with the Discord app on your smartphone to link your Discord account to your Xbox account (you must do this again, even if it has already been done in the past).

► You can now join the party through the Discord mobile app by selecting “Join on Xbox”. This action brings voice chat to Xbox.

► The Xbox app opens. All you have to do is select the console you want to speak on and confirm.

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