Volkswagen unveils its new ID 7 electric sedan in digital camouflage

Volkswagen took advantage of CES 2023 to show us its next ID 7 electric car. Body parts are camouflaged with digital camouflage, but we can clearly guess its aerodynamic line. A few words about the paint used: Volkswagen applied about 40 coats of electroluminescent, non-conductive black paint to the electrical contacts to create this QR code-based digital camouflage. The 22 zones can be individually lit and connected to an audio system to pulse to the beat of the music. The wheelbase of the sedan is longer than the ID 4.

There is also a fairly high roofline, which bodes well for a spacious cabin. The more aerodynamic design of the ID 7 should also improve efficiency and range. VW estimates a range of up to 700 km (WLTP cycle).

The production version of the Volkswagen ID7 was presented in the spring

Inside, the ID 7’s dashboard features a new design based on a redesigned 15-inch center screen and augmented reality head-up display. VW engineers have paid special attention to the climate control controls, which are now always visible along the bottom edge of the screen for easy access from any menu page. Passengers can adjust the temperature using the illuminated touch sliders below the display, or use “Hey Volkswagen” voice commands.

The smart vents can tilt to direct warm air towards the driver’s hands to aid the steering wheel heating function, automatically redirect cold air when direct sunlight hits on a sunny day in summer, or oscillate up and down to disperse air over a larger area.

In the spring, Volkswagen will introduce the production version of the ID7. All information about power, price and autonomy will be communicated on this occasion.

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Image: Volkswagen

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