Voltaero, Fintecture, Teamstarter… French Tech fundraiser this week

Voltaero raised 32 million euros
Aircraft with an electrohybrid power plant.
Investor: TESI Aeronautics

Fintecture raised 26 million euros
Finance, Insurance
Digitization of B2B transactions.
Investors: Eurazeo, RTP Global, Target Global, Samaipata, Societe Generale

Teamstarter raised 7 million euros
HR, Education
Crowdfunding for business.
Investors: Matters, Financière Vector, Odyssee Venture

NectarGo raised 2.1 million euros
Distribution, logistics, retail
SaaS platform for management and logistics between manufacturers and traders.
Investors: 50 Partners, High Flyers Capital, Evolem, Super Capital

Kermap raised 1.6 million euros
Enterprise applications and technologies
Processing of satellite images and production of geographic information.
Investors: Sodero Management, Earthworm Foundation

NectarGo raised 1.1 million euros
Real Estate, Construction
Technical solution for building management.
Investor: Eoden

Alvo raised 1 million euros
Administrative, Legal, Accounting
Platform for the sale and purchase of small and medium-sized businesses.
Investor: Financière Sextant, Revue Fiduciaire Group, Financière Saint James

CityGem raised €800,000
Leisure, Tourism
City guide for city walks.
Investors: business angels

Eatic raised €800,000
Catering and agri-food
Reliable and sustainable food delivery platform.
Investors: business angels

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