Vonnas Rainy Fair … Happy Fair!

Holidays were celebrated at the autonomous residence of Le Triolet on Friday, July 16, and the fair was organized for the second year in a row by Aude Pacar, the animator at the residence.

At 11:30, the celebration began with an aperitif of pie and pizza prepared by several residents, followed by a picnic from a sack. Alain Givor, Mayor Vonne, Natalie Duclos, MP, and Marie-Françoise Perrud, Councilor, came to join the meal.

The day began with a raffle, which included many prizes from various businesses in Vonnas (Angel’institut, Intermarché, Venus coiffure, Vert nature, Ana’belle hairstyle, Pharmacie Ermann Desmaris, Steph coiffure, Carrefour market, Le Louis d. ‘Or bakery, Body nature, T Nature, Groupama, Tabac press, CIC, Crédit mutuel, Sou des écoles de Vonnas and Céline Goyon). All very concentrated residents were ready for the earthquake!

Bad weather was

Due to bad weather, the petanque competition had to be canceled, but Aude Pacar was able to compensate for the lack of sun by extending the lotto games.

Od Pakar was very happy for this day: ” Residents are always cheerful, they are mobilized for every event. “.

Then, to end this beautiful day, it’s time to grab a bite to eat from CCAS de Vonnas.

All residents left with prizes and certificates of participation, all with a smile on their face!

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