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WALMART has announced major improvements that will affect all customers. Here’s how new AI technology can help you save money on bad decisions.

This technology will allow online shoppers to view clothes on models similar to them in both appearance and physique.

In the past, shoppers could choose from dozens of designs to find the one that best suited them and see how those pieces would look on their bodies.

But now the retailer is launching a new “Be Your Own Model” technology that allows shoppers to use their own photos to see how the clothes will look on them.

The news comes after Walmart acquired Zeekit in 2021, a startup that created a computer vision feature that can analyze images from a clothing catalog to create a dressy image.

The technician may also determine different versions of the product, including size, color, and other factors such as sleeve length and fabric drape.

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This will create a realistic image compared to other programs that overlay a photo on top of another image, which sets it apart from other technologies, Walmart says.

“What we didn’t feel like customers were happy with was that a lot of augmented reality applications were essentially taking a flat image and overlaying it on top of a flat image,” said Cheryl Ainoa, vice president, senior president of new business and new technology, Walmart Global. Technology.

“It doesn’t let you know how these clothes will look on me. »

Walmart first introduced virtual try-on options for models from 5’2″ to 6″ and sizes XS to XXXL on “thousands” of items.

But now, even with its first iteration, there are over 270,000 titles available across several different brands.

With the upcoming expansion, customers will no longer have to choose between available models as they used to.

Now desktop shoppers at and the Walmart mobile app can use their own photos to create personalized purchases.

This option will first appear on iOS users, and in the coming weeks – Android.

First, customers will need to import their image into the system, and from there they can try out any of the features supported by the program to see what it will look like.

Customers with an account can save the look and feel for future use.

With the success of the already popular Pick My Style feature, Denise Incandela, Walmart EVP Clothing Division and Private Brands, believes this new technology will help minimize returns.

“We are very pleased with the information provided [the “Choose My Model” feature]which is why we have of course expanded from 50 models to 120 and continue to invest in it,” she said.

“We really saw what we hoped to see in terms of conversions. »

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The Choose My Model feature will continue to be supported as Walmart has acknowledged that not everyone will be using the new technology.

‘Be Your Own Model’ launched on the Walmart iOS app, but there’s been a lot more of it since September 15th.

With new feature


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