Want to see Elon Musk or Steve Jobs at work? ChatGPT can help you

ChatGPT will now help you check “Elon Musk” and “Steve Jobs” at work. Or at least something close enough if you follow Twitter user Adit Sheth’s tips for an AI chatbot. Aadit has compiled a list of methods he claims can save you hours a day at work. ChatGPT tips include those that can help speed up your learning rate, test Musk and Jobs, get a bot to write like you, help with recruiting and social media, and more.

For example, the ChatGPT prompt, which mimics the advice of Musk or Jobs, according to Aadit, reads: “I will give you my argument or opinion. I want you to criticize it as if you were. »

On the other hand, Aadit’s tip for ChatGPT to write like you is: ” [Insert Text] Analyze the writing style and write about building a business the way the author above would have written. »

Here are the ChatGPT tips that go viral on Twitter:

Aadit, who calls himself “Nimble Engineer”, also runs the Prompt Daily newsletter, where he gives more of this information.

Amid global fears that artificial intelligence is making jobs obsolete, GPT-4 recently took a number of exams including The Bar, LSAT, GRE and a host of AP subjects, excluding Language and English Literature. According to Twitter users, this points to a critical gap in the bot’s capabilities.

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