Wapppress Builds v5.0.2 – Android mobile app for any WordPress website

Wapppress Builds v5.0.2 is an Android mobile application for any WordPress application. Source code Free download. It contains very useful features such as Push Notifications, Admob, custom launcher icon, custom splash screen, realtime instant app build. It’s a great tool to instantly convert WordPress into a mobile app.

Main characteristics

  • Send Notification
  • Custom functionality
  • Automatic update
  • 3rd party script/code works
  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Launch your own online store application
  • Integration with analytics
  • AdMob ads
  • and more

Download the Wapppress Builds Android mobile app for any WordPress website

Live demo: View demo

Wapppress free download creates android mobile app for any WordPress website builder plugin from wapppress on Codecanyon.

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