Wargasm, Two Door Cinema Club, Gabe Gurnsey, Hologram Teen…: Liberation Music Compilation Playlist


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The Matlock family is in the spotlight right now. The father, Glen, the original bassist of the Sex Pistols, whose passion for the Beatles and the charisma of the leek should have cleared the way for thrash smoker Sid Vicious, is back in the spotlight for the (very average, I must say) Pistols on Disney+. And here is son Sam, singer and guitarist, who, in the company of bassist and vocalist Milkie Way, has been pounding the English scene with hardcore-fusion-techno-punk-napalm for several months as part of the thunderous Wargasm.

A priori, there is no trace of admiration for the Liverpool Four in the rants initiated by the tandem, the latest of which, the screamer Fukstar, condemns the totalitarian behavior of the new billionaires a la Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. So yes, he’s not always as sharp on the subject as he is in music, and we can also find that his “son” position harms Matlock’s certain credibility as a seething priest of anti-capitalism. However, our old ass of the incorrigible headbanger is delighted with ping-pong …

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