Warned of a traffic accident, the gendarmes eliminate drug trafficking

The gendarmes of the North did not expect this when they arrived at the place.

The facts are dated 16 November. The Gendarmes of the North are called in in connection with a traffic accident in Caudry, near Cambrai. They then test the driver of the vehicle in question, who tests positive for drugs. The strong smell emanating from the trunk of the car did not escape the soldiers, who found 1157 g of hemp grass and 800 g of resin in the bag.

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Then a search was carried out in the driver’s house, the gendarmes found accurate scales, a telephone, 100 g of marijuana and 10,800 euros in cash in a bank account. The investigation covers drug trafficking and involves three other people.

Four people will be taken into custody, including two of the defendant’s customers and a user-dealer. At the end of the turnout, two clients were sentenced to ten months in prison, six of which were on probation with an electronic bracelet; the user-dealer is sentenced to six months in prison plus another six months’ probation upon release. Finally, the driver arrested during the accident is sentenced to 28 months in prison, six of which are suspended.

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