Warped Kart Racers by Apple Arcade lets you play as Peter Griffin.

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(Pocket-lint) – A new kart racing game is coming to Apple Arcade on May 20. It combines the gameplay of Mario Kart and Sonic Racing with the humor of adult cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad.

Warped Kart Racers lets you play as 20 characters from these shows, as well as King of the Hill and Solar Opposites. So you can alternate between Peter Griffin and Hank Hill in a solo or eight-player matchup.

You have to go through 16 different race tracks, taken from the iconic episodes of each series.

As an Apple Arcade game, it will be available to subscribers on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and progress will be stored in the cloud so you can continue playing in either format.

Badland Party, a brand new game set in the Badland universe, will also be available soon on Apple Arcade.

It has the same graphic style as its predecessors, but also features two to four player multiplayer as you progress through levels. A single-player mode is also available with an AI companion and the ability to change characters.

Finally, Goat Simulator+ and Pro Darts 2022+ will be added to the service in May.

Written by Rick Henderson.

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