Washington DC bakery owner donated kidney to save friend and customer’s life

WASHINGTON, North Carolina (WITN) – Rachel K. Jordan hands over a kidney to her friend John Anglemeier, who needs a transplant.

Rachel Jordan, owner of Rachel K’s Bakery in Washington DC, makes frequent donations. However, these donations usually come in the form of breakfast and pastries, which are passed on to the less fortunate if they come to her bakery, or to local nonprofits in the form of donations she receives from customers who leave money in the bank at the checkout. She will soon donate a kidney to her friend John Anglemierre, who works at the State Fisheries Administration.

John had to have a kidney transplant when he was 20 years old, later he learned that he would have to have a liver transplant due to a rare disease that affected both organs. More than 20 years later, Englemeyer says: “Earlier this year, I learned that my kidney has an expiration date. The kidneys begin to fail. I don’t need dialysis or anything yet, but I was told that I need a kidney. ” Jordan and Anglemeier have been friends for many years. Anglemeyer coached the youth soccer team their children played for.

Anglemeier (top right) coaches youth football.(Derik Rush)

After seeing John’s Facebook post about the need for a transplant, Rachel did the research and decided that this was what she thought she should do. “Knowing John, I knew he had an organ transplant and then I did my research and realized that it really doesn’t affect your lifestyle in the long run. You don’t really need to change your diet, ”Rachel said.

The two are participating in a joint program with the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. The program is designed for donors and recipients with different blood types, like Rachel and John. The two of them need to find a universal donor. Upon discovery, Rachel will donate her kidney to a universal donor, who will then donate her kidney to John. Although he says he could have done dialysis, John says that after trying it in his 20s: “It’s not the same as having a kidney. With a new kidney, I am a new person. I will be whole, I can do everything that anyone else can do. Getting a kidney is a huge gift and it will give me new life in the future. So I can’t say enough about Rachel’s kindness and generosity who gave me a kidney. “

According to the live donation website, more than 3,000 North Carolina residents are awaiting vital organ transplants, and nearly 90% of them are awaiting kidneys. The donation process can take 3 to 9 months to find a donor, but Englemeyer is optimistic.

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