Wasteless tests its AI-powered anti-waste solution

Selling more while wasting less is the promise of Wasteless. Each year, several tons of perishable foodstuffs are destroyed. Supermarkets dispose of unsold products as soon as the expiry date approaches, and these foods are still perfectly edible.

To combat this problem, the New York-based start-up Wasteless is using artificial intelligence. By incorporating expiration dates, she can identify products struggling to sell and adjust their prices to attract more customers.

A first test in Poland

After fine-tuning its system since 2016, Wasteless is about to finally test it in the supermarkets of the food wholesaler Metro, a group at the head of 678 brands in 24 countries. The two companies plan to deploy the technology initially at Metro’s Makro stores in Poland before expanding into other markets.

Wasteless claims its system reduces food waste in grocery stores by at least 40%. Over the next few years, the company hopes to increase that figure to 80% by further improving its technology.

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