Watch Dogs Legion saves corrupted by a PC bug

Alert! Watch Dogs Legion is corrupted on PC. A bug affecting the backup system prevents us from progressing in the adventure serenely.

Enter difficult subject to Watch Dogs Legion on PC. The new opus concocted by Ubisoft is forced to face a thorny problem.

As stated in the title, the game is currently grappling with a bug that corrupt your saves. Although the problem is not general, many players are full of this malfunction which has not yet, not yet resolved.

According to the various testimonies collected on Reddit, the phenomenon occurs when the player tries to return to the main menu.

In some cases, the game freezes and the system asks you if you want to force the game to stop. Problem, validating this choice will corrupt your backupe.

One of the theories put forward by a Reedit user explains that this bug may be due to the fact that Watch Dogs Legion, attempts to perform several backups at the same time, when you choose to force the stop.

We do not know if a similar bug affects the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but several people have also raised the problem on the various Ubisoft forums.

We just have to wait for the application of a patch.


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