Watch how Russian cosmonauts go into outer space today near the space station.

Two Russian cosmonauts will depart the International Space Station (ISS) today (November 17) and you can watch live.

Sergei Prokopyev, who is in command of the current Expedition 68 mission, and Dmitry Petelin are scheduled to begin their spacewalk at 9:20 am EST (1420 GMT) today. You can watch the live stream here on, courtesy of NASA, starting at 9am EST (1400 GMT).

Prokopyev and Petelin will prepare the airlock and radiator for installation on the Russian Nauka module during their tour, which is expected to last about seven hours, NASA officials said in a preview. (will open in a new tab) Wednesday (November 16).

Fellow cosmonaut Anna Kikina “will operate the European robotic arm from within Nauka and assist the microgravity duo in Orlan spacesuits,” the agency said.

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Today’s spacewalk follows the US spacewalk conducted Tuesday (November 15) by NASA astronauts Josh Kassada and Frank Rubio.

Cassada and Rubio spent about seven hours outside the station preparing it for the installation of the ISS’s deployed solar array array, or iROSA, which will supplement the orbital laboratory’s power supply.

More EVAs are just around the corner: NASA has scheduled EVAs for November 28 and December 1, both of which also focus on the iROSA installation.

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