“We could have taken 30, it was the same”: this 22-1 victory that excites amateur football

Just over one goal every four minutes. No extra calculations were needed to measure the avalanche that hit the cages of FC Septèmes on Sunday, May 8, on the AC Arles turf on the penultimate day of Regional 2. 22-1: the result of this meeting is now on everyone’s lips in the microcosm of amateur football of the Mediterranean League . This Arlesian victory is indeed marred by suspicions of falsification. The Regionalliga has decided to launch an investigation, according to the L’Équipe website. “I have sought the assistance of the regional disciplinary commission to open a case of suspicion of fraud with the investigation,” said President Eric Borghini.

If there’s so much talk about this matchup, it’s because his river score, even the oceanic one, gives AC Arles an undeniably decisive advantage in the race to get to Regional 1. Only one team advances to the next level. However, the FC Martigues co-leader still had a three-goal lead on average goals scored until this day. Considering that the latter won “only” 6-0 on their side, these 22-1 allow Arles to regain the lead with a 12-goal lead ahead of the final day. Or rather, I would, because, as you can see on the league website, the score is now hanging in the air.

“I would settle for a result that was not going to alert everyone”

All these suspicions shock the president of FC Septèmes. Salah Nasri, 47, told Le Parisien that he even considered suing the allegations. According to him, this sporting humiliation is only a logical continuation of the total demobilization of his group. 10th out of 12 in the standings, his flagship team is officially doomed to relegation due to this defeat.

“We lost them for a while. We tried to somehow collect players, but we had to part with the reserve, which plays at the lowest departmental level (D 3), in order to have enough of it in the first team. Cheaper to cancel the match at the departmental level, the manager, who is absent from this meeting, justifies. I am not very proud of this result, but we could not do otherwise. The reserve coach, who is 50 years old, was supposed to play, and we have a 47-year-old guy who also put on boots. We could have taken 30, it was the same. I would never do this if I knew the noise it would make. I would settle for a result that wasn’t going to alarm everyone. »

Salah Nasri testifies that only two players who were present in the first leg, which won 4-0, were still there on Sunday. “Two weeks ago, two players fought openly, and there were nine of us,” he complains.

“We smelled cannabis when they got off the van”

These excuses did not convince Martigues president Alain Nersesyan. “Removing or taking 22, which hurts the club more? he wonders. “On Saturday I had to write an email to the League because there were rumors that Olympique Nove (the last one in the championship) intended to lose on the last day. And therefore, they potentially prevent us from scoring more than three goals. This story, plus what happened this Sunday, makes people react. You have to put yourself in my place. »

From the side of Arles, we confirm that we are faced with a completely different line-up than the one we faced in the autumn. “The facts are that Septèmes didn’t play,” L’Équipe’s manager said. The two of them trained all week and arrived at 2:30 pm on the day of the match. We even lent gloves to their keeper! A little bit crazy in the ginget spirit: we smelled cannabis when they got off the van. The kids didn’t want to play. »

Despite resistance, the winning club congratulated itself Sunday evening on its Facebook page for this success, synonymous with first place. With no indication of the rating, but quickly limiting the comments, they issued a mountain of caustic messages.

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