Weakened Emmaus wants to confront Wynted and LeBoncoin

Emmaus fell victim to the success of Vinted and Leboncoin. In any case, this is an observation made by an association that has just launched a communication campaign to encourage as many people as possible to donate. According to the website, the association even adopted the Vinted slogan (“If you don’t wear it, sell it”) in its own way, which thus turns into “If you don’t wear it, give it away.” ).

In the video, Emmaus points out that today “his whole model of solidarity is under threat” in the current context. Thus, the association posted false ads on Vinted, retouching clothes with a new slogan, all with the aim of raising awareness among users of the platform about donations. At the end of the video, Emmaus thanks Vinted for “making this call for donations visible.” The association also recalls its commitment to “giving clothing a better second life”.


Leboncoin, Emmaus… where to buy used furniture online?

Reward Without Guilt

With this slogan and this operation, the association founded by Abbé Pierre hopes to emerge from this shadow that has continued to be felt since the establishment of the resale platforms. The goal is also to “provoke electric shocks” to users of platforms like Vinted or Leboncoin without making them feel guilty, says association president Valerie Fayard. Another regret of the association: now only 40% of the donated products are salable, compared to 60% before, Valerie Fayard explains to Le Monde. In total, 320,000 tons of items are collected annually.


How Vinted Became a Circular Ecommerce Model

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