Weapons delivered to Ukraine turn out to be destroyed or on the dark web – TVLiberties – 1st alternative channel | We are you

Just as sanctions don’t work and backfire, the massive arms shipments from the West to Kyiv have been a disaster from every point of view. In an interview with the American National Defense magazine, Brigadier General of the Ukrainian Army Volodymyr Karpenko admitted that his country had lost almost 50% of all received weapons and equipment. Part is destroyed, but that’s not all.

Russian Channel One reported that the Ukrainian army was dropping its weapons as it retreated. American Javelins and abandoned German anti-tank mines were filmed. In addition, weapons sent to Ukraine end up on the black market and are sold on darknet and deepweb platforms. You can buy Javellin anti-tank systems there for about $30,000 or British NLAW systems for half the price. Of course, there is a demand for it. The buyers are terrorists and criminal groups.

Full article on Breizh-Info

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