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Education Become a Blockchain Developer: Solidity+Projects+Web3

The advantage of Udemy courses is that they are inexpensive and of high quality. It only costs $13. You will learn how Metamask works and how to calculate known fees. gas to better understand the Ethereum network. The training is hands-on and will take you through classes on developing smart contracts using Solidity.

The training includes three projects to help you practice what you’ve learned.

By passing it, you will be able to show your future employers or partners that you are well versed in Web 3 and distributed applications.

The training “Become a blockchain developer: Solidity+Projects+Web3” is intended for everyone who wants to work as a blockchain developer. If you want to learn how to use Solidity to create smart contracts, this is the perfect resource.

It is also a great addition for computer science students whose curriculum does not offer advanced blockchain courses.

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Web3 Learning: Distributed Application

Benefit of the Ambient IT platform for learning CFP certification recognized France Skills and digital market. However, for Web3: Distributed Application training, we didn’t see any certificates. This training costs €2,390 excluding VAT and can be completed remotely or in person. The schedule can be found on the website.

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This training focuses on Web3 and its additional benefits, such as decentralization, service interruption prevention, and DDoS attack prevention.

In this way, you will discover the concept of Web3, its benefits and blockchain technology. She is practical. After completing this course, you will be able to create a decentralized application on the blockchain. Students will be able to learn the fundamentals of blockchain theory and how it can be applied to real world scenarios.

The training is intended for front-end developers, technology architects, project managers and research engineers. However, this does not exclude persons without higher education. If you have knowledge of front-end development, experience with JavaScript and GitHub, then you can go for it.

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