“We’re going to need the AstraZeneca vaccine,” recalls Moselle pharmacists’ union co-chairman.

Eric Schiltz easily filled out his notebook. “Patients are in demand for Moderna” says a pharmacist from Metz and co-chairman of the Moselle pharmacists’ union, who, like his colleagues, is experimenting with the introduction of a messenger RNA vaccine.

Last week, 150 vials of Moderna vaccine were distributed to pharmacists in Moselle. and several neighboring pharmacies in the Bas-Rhine and Meurthe-et-Moselle. General practitioners received 450 ampoules. Not anymore, at least for now. Because first it will be necessary to take stock of this unique test in France, carried out in the Moselle, due to the still high prevalence of the South African variant.

Still distrust of AstraZeneca

The pharmacist welcomes this deployment, which is not yet limited to large vaccination centers. But, he recalls, this is not enough to vaccinate everyone. “The doses of Moderna vaccine will not be enough. We expect 100,000 doses to be delivered in the country by the end of June. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine will also be available soon. But we still need a vaccine. AstraZeneca will complete vaccination and try to reach the entire population. “ The problem is that AstraZeneca continues to cause distrust in patients who still have to refuse a lot. “The damage has been done and it will be very difficult to convince people to use the vaccine.” the pharmacist regrets.

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