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$30,000 is the current price of Bitcoin, or the price of a new premium SUV from Audi. If you like pocket cryptocurrency or bitcoin with apps, we invite you to try the 4 apps listed in this blog today. However, beware of hackers who can attack you through these applications, which can earn you a lot of money over time.

Top 4 Best Apps (Paid or Free) to Earn Bitcoin in France

The French are experts at making passive income and they know how to pocket a lot. These 4 applications are among the favorites of French crypto miners at the end of the month.


Free Bitcoin is an Android and IOS app that rewards its users with Satoshi convertible to Bitcoin. The app consists of a lottery game that allows you to win Satoshi with every try. Like all lottery games, Free bitcoin has a jackpot that is 250,000 satoshi, which is equivalent to 0.0025 BTC or 73 euros. Free bitcoin is a very profitable application. So, don’t forget to arm yourself with a powerful VPN for Android phone when you play on mobile. VPN for iPhone if you are using iOS.

Pros: Big jackpot, compatible with all types of devices.

Cons: Still a gamble: Potential waste of time

bitcoin aliens

Bitcoin Aliens is also a game application where you have to destroy aliens in order to get Satoshi. The payout depends on the bloodline of the alien you kill on each try. Every 3 hours the player gets the right to a special mission in which you can destroy a whole group of aliens along with their boss. The expected win is between 500 and 1500 Satoshi.

Pros: playful and generous

Cons: You must play for at least 3 hours to get the special mission. Not for busy people.


Bitfortip is an app that expands your knowledge of bitcoin. This is one of the best crypto applications ever invented, although it is still in its infancy. Like Quora, it consists of answers to questions, appropriately asked, and paid for.

Upon entering the site, you will see a question with the corresponding BTC reward.

Thus, if you have knowledge of the subject and answer accordingly, you may receive the promised reward.

Pros: allows you to earn income by supporting the community

Cons: limited number of questions


Coinbase is more of a platform than an app. The process of earning bitcoins is simple. You register there and answer most of the surveys. The language used is English, but each answer allows you to earn Nu points convertible into BTC at any time.

Pros: Nu points are converted into BTC and ETH no investment required no annoying ads Cons: questionnaires in English minimal, even ridiculous income

What apps allow you to earn bitcoins?

Are these applications effective? What are the risks?

Absolutely. They have been tested and are regularly used by thousands of cryptocurrencies throughout France. However, it should be emphasized that when it comes to bitcoins, you should not expect to earn a lot at once. Growing your cryptocurrency portfolio takes time, persistence and regularity. It is also necessary to combine sources of income. Yes, there are ways to speed up, but at the cost of some investment. We are talking, in particular, about mining.

As for the aforementioned applications, the risks of losing winnings are minimal. However, the security threats are very real. In addition, we do not recommend using them regularly without effective protection. Using a VPN for a mobile phone or PC is one of the well-known measures of cryptocurrencies. Whether it’s a VPN for iPhone or a computer, they are all aimed at encrypting your connection and hiding your traces on the Internet. Thanks to this, neither the hacker nor the administration will be able to track you.


Earning free bitcoins or cryptocurrencies in applications is one way to generate passive income. 4 apps avoid disappointment. However, it should be noted that cryptocurrency sites and applications are also easy targets for hackers. So it’s better not to go there without protection. The best solution for this is a VPN to encrypt and redirect the connection.

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