What are the best crypto games of 2023?

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, cryptocurrency-based gaming is becoming one of the more popular ways to have fun. By playing, you can earn cryptocurrencies, which is a very good way to earn virtual currency, especially for those who do not have the funds or the desire to mine cryptocurrencies.

As long as we have fresh Starting from 2023, we have analyzed several gaming projects related to cryptocurrencies. In this article, you will find games that any fan of cryptocurrencies and games should play.


Many experts have chosen Calvaria as the biggest P2E game of 2023 (play-to-earn – play to win). Calvaria is a combat strategy game where players buy NFT combat cards and build a deck. Players can then compete to try and win their local currency, the RIA. Another interesting aspect is that unlike most P2E games, there is a free to play game here where players can even get free NFT upon signing up. A clear sign of the confidence of the creators in the game.

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Meta Masters Guild

Meta Master Guild

Meta Masters Guild prides itself on being a decentralized money making game. It uses MEMAG as the ecosystem’s official token. Holders can use this token for a variety of purposes, including the purchase of assets. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain. All game assets can be verified on this blockchain, which makes the project completely transparent.

The mission of the project is to become the largest gaming guild on the network 3 by creating fun and addictive games with playable NFTs in which their community can earn rewards, bet and trade.

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Robotera is one of the newest games in the metaverse, all about creating a sandbox-like universe where planets are restored. In this game, you play as a robot, manage your territory and participate in the construction of the world. You will also be able to mine resources from your land and make robot friends. Create anything you can think of and start a new era with other robots.

Robotera offers a shared multiverse that connects to other worlds, museums, outdoor amusement parks, concerts and more. Create, explore, use, share and exchange Robotera with various NFT communities.

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Infinity battle

Crypto Infinity Battle

Battle Infinity is another popular metaverse that has made creators and gamers alike excited. The goal of Battle Infinity is to create a multiverse of metaverses where players can find many interesting adventures to explore. On this metaverse platform, you can also play mini-games created by independent creators in addition to games developed by the Battle Infinity team.

Battle Infinity opens the metaverse with its first game called IBAT Premier League. Players create their own cricket teams and earn points based on the actual results of the players. At the end of the season, the best players are offered the official Infinity Battle (IBAT) cryptocurrency, which is one of the best metaverse tokens on the market.


Tamadoge Crypto

Tamadoge is a crypto-metaverse based on the DOGE currency that was known in the crypto gaming community. Players begin by purchasing an NFT pet, each with unique traits, weaknesses, and strengths. Players can also influence their pet’s growth by feeding it virtual food, grooming it, and buying it treats and toys.

Animals can be pitted against each other once they have fully developed in the Tamadoge virtual arena. Winning players then move up the game’s leaderboard and earn TAMA tokens (the game’s native cryptocurrency) as a reward. Players can then spend TAMA on the Tamadoge marketplace to purchase game upgrades or additional NFT pets.

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