What are the effects of cannabis on health?

Cannabis is an illegal product that is widely used in France, especially among young people. In fact, this product, classified as a drug, is the source of many side effects, often adverse to mental and physical health. Soin et Nature warns you of these dangers.

Cannabis, why do we use it?

Cannabis is a plant consumed for its resin, which has a variable concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a substance with psychoactive properties.

This allows you to perfectly stimulate the production of dopamine. This protein is found in our neurons and gives us a sense of relaxation and well-being. Therefore, it is consumed because of its immediate relaxing and euphoric effect that it causes. However, its effect varies depending on the individual and the level of THC contained in the product. While some feel more relaxed, alive and talkative, others become restless and tense, scared or disoriented. In any case, the consumption of cannabis remains unhealthy and, in particular, due to this overexcitation of the brain.

Cannabis and health

The effects of cannabis are felt instantly. Its regular use can be harmful, as it often leads to symptoms or physiological disturbances. This leads to loss of balance, nausea, vomiting, etc.
In the long term, these effects are amplified: certain cognitive functions are affected; such as attention, memory capacity, often leading to academic or professional failures up to social isolation. Heavy cannabis use can also impair memory by up to 60%. And for sensitive consumers, it increases the risk of developing psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety. In addition to the psychological and physical consequences, cannabis use increases the risk of lung cancer. With frequent use, the risk of addiction becomes higher and higher.

Cannabis driving

Many people believe that driving under the influence of cannabis is not safe. However, studies confirm that the use of cannabis inhibits memory processes, causes a loss of concentration and slows down reaction time. Any action, such as driving, requires concentration. The Biosynex Cannabis Urinary Self-Test detects cannabis in 5 minutes, which is the time to test before driving or to adapt consumption behavior.

Cannabis for medical purposes

Although cannabis has many disadvantages and side effects, it is not without its benefits. Even legalized cannabis remains a drug. Like morphine, it can be used therapeutically. Indeed, current research suggests that certain conditions can be improved through the use of legal cannabis (CBD). In particular, inflammatory diseases, chronic pain of a non-cancerous type, and a variety of other diseases can be mentioned.
In cannabis we find cannabidiol CBD. It is a molecule with great potential that requires further study to elucidate its benefits and virtues. CBD (cannabidiol) exists in various forms such as capsules, capsules, dietary supplements… Not to mention one of the most common forms: oil. CBD essential oil is highly regarded for its relaxing effect. Indeed, CBD reduces stress and anxiety, making it easier to fall asleep. Anti-inflammatory CBD oil relieves muscle pain and skin inflammation. A few drops of CBD oil per day are enough to reap the benefits of cannabis.

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