What are the risks if we do not have a medical passport in the place where it is mandatory?

Since July 21, the health pass has become mandatory in places of culture and recreation, which accept more than 50 people. Its expansion into bars and restaurants scheduled for August 1st. Therefore, the document seems important if we do not want to be deprived of all social ties during this summer period. But what fines will we face if we do not have a document where it is mandatory? Or is it a fake document? Small summary (harsh) fines provided

Extension of the health pass is scheduled for August 1

The Council of State lifted some measures that were deemed “disproportionate”, such as the obligation to delay him from entering shopping centers, but did not‘did not question its mandatory use in all listed public places. After theaters, museums, cinemas, libraries, the parliament is currently discussing a bill that, from August 1, provides for its distribution to cafes, restaurants and transport.

So many places that will now be is prohibited for people who have not been vaccinated, not vaccinated and / or have not tested negative. Therefore, you must present a “valid” document every time you enter the establishment. Because this is really proof that the document serves, and without proof of any access rights. Given the number of post-Covid-19 fake documents that have flourished on the dark web since the onset of the health crisis, it’s safe to say that the black market hasn’t stopped expanding after these new restrictions.

Invalid, false or missing health passport: what are the fines?

So, what are we risking if we walk with a fake document, an invalid health pass, for example, due to the fact that the deadline has expired, or do not skip at all in places where it is necessary? Well the first risk is be denied accessbut you guessed it.

According to information provided by Franceinfo, in cases of recidivism or detention invalid health passyou are exposed a fine of … EUR 10,000 and six months in prison… And in the case of proven falsification of the document, the fine is even higher. Since the criminal code provides A fine of 45,000 euros and three years in prison for counterfeiting and counterfeiting offense… Worse, if you have a fake pass while you are infected with the virus, you face a € 15,000 fine and a year in prison.

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