What are you playing this weekend?

It’s an interesting weekend for people, especially if they like Diablo.

Those with keys can start the Diablo 4 Early Access beta this weekend – if they can: the queues are very long. But Blizzard is working on fixing this, so hopefully more people can get into Sanctuary soon. Until then, some of us will have to be patient.

Diablo 4 Early Access Beta Trailer

Connor Makar, Diablo 4 Beta Editor

This weekend, all Fridays and Saturdays will be dedicated to Diablo 4 beta testing. I can’t wait to dive in and get into all the horror and gruesome action.

On Sunday I’m going to the GDC in San Francisco, so I’ll be on the plane at 11:00. It’s sure to be a lot of fun; however, on the other hand, expect some interesting items next week.

Gran Turismo 7 February Update – PS5 and PS VR2 Games

James Billcliffe, Manual Editor, Gran Turismo 7

Last month I went to see the World Rally Championship and because I’m impressionable as a three year old I now love cars.

Gran Turismo 7 is the first non-Steam Deck console game I’ve paid money for in over a year, so I’ll continue to enjoy racing this weekend.

So far it has been a strange game. The presentation is strangely cool for a game usually played like Xtr3me for what it is; however, once you finally get past the sleepy feast of early racing and lounge jazz, this is a top notch affordable sim with a great selection of cars and tracks.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – third trailer

Kelsey Raynor, Guide Author – Resident Evil 4 Remake

The cat came out of the bag that I played Resident Evil 4 Remake, and given that I wrote a 5/5 review, I’ll be spending my weekend with New Game Plus. My plan is to put Leon’s knife to the spin and see how far I can go with just him and a few grenades. Follow this place!

Other than that, I’m unfortunately back on the Valiant Champions Tour, which just started. As a result, I restarted Valorant for the first time in months and have been playing it almost every day since then. It’s that time of year again! As long as I can not buy makeup, I’m fine. Too bad the new packaging looks so attractive.

Diablo 4 Intro In-Game Video

Stephanie Nunnally-Jackson, Diablo 4 Beta Editor-in-Chief

I’m planning on moving into the Diablo 4 Early Access beta this weekend – if I can log into the game due to the latency. Last night was a little violent. I waited about an hour to get in, only to be kicked out for about 10 minutes which made me frustrated. However, this is a beta and we all know how it is when everyone, their grandmothers and the neighborhood dogs need a tester. Especially if the beta is for a popular franchise or long-awaited title. Diablo 4 is both. So I don’t blame Blizzard for anything. I’ll be back online when I’m logged out for the day. I hope I get a taste of it before the doors of Sanctuary swing open next weekend for open beta testing.

Besides Diablo 4, I plan to play Valheim. I recently bought it from the Steam Spring Sale because I wanted to try it since it was released in Early Access. I like the genre of the game, I’m interested in the setting, and I want to see what it’s about.

I also play Pokémon Go because today is Community Day with Slowpoke. Things are a little different today as Galarian Slowpoke evolves into Galarian Slowbro. Usually, to evolve a creature, you need to catch 30 Poison-type Pokémon with Galarian Slowpoke as your buddy. But today only, until 10:00 PM, instead you will have to capture 30 psychics while traveling with the Galarian Heffalump. Wish me luck in catching as many psychics as possible sitting around the house waiting to enter Diablo 4. I think I might leave the house at some point. Let’s see what happens.

So here we are this weekend. And you? Are you going to switch to beta this weekend? If not, what are you playing instead?

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