What does Elon Musk want? “Only he knows,” replies the ex-president of CA Twitter.

In an interview with the Economzone, a businessman who had just lost his position in the CA philosophically quoted the former president of China.

It was Deng Xiaoping who said the famous phrase: “It’s too early to tell.” It’s too early to tell. The weather will fix everything and I want to stay optimisticPichette responded when Gerald Fillion asked him if he was worried about Elon Musk at the helm of Twitter.

Patrick Pichette takes full responsibility for the sale to the billionaire. He notes that if the latter brought down Twitter with its decisions, new options could appear quickly. If Elon breaks the spirit of Twitter, the beauties of the Internet, tomorrow morning you will have eight other platforms.he said with a wide smile.

Over the past few days, Elon Musk has announced a number of changes on Twitter, including laying off half of the staff. He even mentioned the bankruptcy of the group, which caused him a lot of criticism.

The signal is very clear: he had to call people back, he made the mistake of firing them when he needed them for critical operations. This proves that he is not in control of what is still really important on Twitter. »

Quote from Patrick Pichette, ex-president of CA Twitter, in an interview with Patrice Roy

An analysis of the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, along with Patrick Pichette, former chairman of the board of directors of Twitter.

He is looking for attention

In correspondence with Radio-Canada, Patrick Pichette was much more blunt towards the billionaire. To the question: What does Elon Musk want?the Quebecer had a simple answer.

BUT, [il cherche] attention, and two [il veut] go to the planet Mars. After that, only he knows, and even then, [ce n’est] not surewrites Quebecker.

Does he have a plan for Twitter? Will we see real chaos in the next few months? We are going to witness a great experienceMr. Pichette answers.

But should we be worried about the group’s financial health? Again, the former Google CFO wants to wait for the full picture before making a decision.

Too early and too many shocks to get a clear picture of the business model and [pour savoir] Will advertisers return? So to follow. Only time will answer this question.he wrote in an email.

However, Mr. Pichette continues to want to maintain the platform he believes is necessary for freedom of expression.

Since Twitter is a platform, it is a public place where marginalized groups, people in need of protection, can freely express their opinions. This is a completely unusual and important platform. »

Quote from Patrick Pichette, ex-president of CA Twitter

Patrick Pichette, until recently Twitter’s board administrator, defends CA’s decision to sell the company to Elon Musk.

hands tied

In a highly publicized swing waltz, Elon Musk finally bought the $44 billion bluebird last October after what felt like a real saga for months.

Throughout the process, Patrick Pichette believes that the board of directors had their hands tied in the matter and believes that a character like Mr. Musk could not have bought the Canadian company so easily.

In Canada, the board of directors has a fiduciary responsibility to the company and must look after the interests of all parties. Not so in the United Stateshe said.

When we started the debate, our lawyers reminded us that the Delaware company has only one stakeholder, the shareholder. […] Your hands are tied, you can’t say “I’m going to reinvent the rules because I feel like it”He says.

But he believes that the shareholders justified their money. I, I served my shareholdersHe says.

It wasn’t very difficult to oust Trump.

Patrick Pichette also returned to a pivotal moment in Twitter history when President Donald Trump was ejected from the platform after the Capitol invasion on January 6, 2021.

Twitter’s rules are relatively simple. Anyone can go to the site and read them. And there’s one thing in Twitter’s rules that says you can’t incite violence.He says.

As a politician, it’s important in this space that if you say incredible things, people will hear it. But if you break one of Twitter’s six rules, it’s very clear. »

Quote from Patrick Pichette, ex-president of CA Twitter

In this sense, Mr Pichette argues that the decision was not very difficultbecause the American president broke one of those rules.

Project Kenauk

Earlier in the day, Patrick Pichette attended a press conference at Montebello Castle in Utaue to announce a series of measures aimed at protecting Kenauka, a nature reserve considered a gem almost completely free from human activity.

There are investments you make with your head and there are investments you make with your heart. Kenauk is definitely secondhe said.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Kenauka Institute, in particular, will establish a research laboratory, one of the largest of its kind in North America. Mr. Pichette launched a fundraising campaign to protect the territory by 100%.

This is an area that is so large that two packs of wolves live here. It’s so big that it has everythingHe says.

Mr. Pichette purchased this reserve for more than $43 million. He claims to have saved the reserve from a real estate project.

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