What if the vaccine didn’t exist?

Today I would like to speak with unvaccinated people.

Not to antivax, which is to vaccines what Jehovah’s Witnesses are to blood transfusions, but to people who, for all kinds of reasons, are reluctant to get vaccinated.


Do you know what a uchrony is?

It is a branch of science fiction in which the author has fun remaking history.

What if …

Did Hitler win the war?

JFK hadn’t been assassinated?

Had Yes won the first referendum?

This is what Tarantino does with Hitler in Inglourious Basterds and with Charles Manson in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: He is rewriting history.

Kill Hitler with a machine gun and Manson with a flamethrower.

The uchrony that I propose is simple …

Try to imagine the state of the world today if, despite our best efforts, we could not have created a vaccine against COVID.


The deaths would likely be counted in the millions.

Most businesses would be closed, as during containment.

There would be a curfew.

All provinces would be in the same situation as Alberta.

We couldn’t travel.

As for the economy, I’d be out of breath.

That would be a fucking mess.

We would be on the route up to the neck.

Our life would be hell.

Close your eyes and try to imagine it. The world without a vaccine.

No exit.

Schools closed, hospitals overwhelmed.

The army in the streets, to help health workers, but also to suppress the riots.

Thousands of bodies dumped in mass graves, as was done in New York in April 2020.

Doesn’t that scare you?


I have a second uchronie to offer you.

The vaccine exists, but 85% of people refuse to take it.

It would be almost the same.

Here, to add a note of black humor to this alternate reality: Canadians would have chosen Maxime Bernier!

Imagine ?

We’d be in big trouble!

Now, wake up now.

It was all a nightmare.

The vaccine is not only available, it is effective and 70% of Canadians have received their two doses.

Oh, and Justin was re-elected!

(Well that’s not great, I grant you, but it could be worse …)

Can’t you find it better?

Don’t you think the world is much better off with a vaccine?


Do you know what percentage of the population is vaccinated in most African countries?

Two percent.

What do you want, these countries have no money, so they went for all …

You are lucky to live in a country where the vaccine is free and available everywhere.

So, what are you waiting for?

We want to hold the umbrella over your head to protect you from the rain, but don’t you want to protect yourself?

And, above all, protect your loved ones?

Before going to sleep tonight, think about it for two minutes …

Would you like to wake up tomorrow morning in a world where the vaccine does not exist?

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