What is Artifact, the new social app created by the founders of Instagram?

It offers a personalized news feed thanks to artificial intelligence. Two creators have just opened a waiting list for registration.

More than four years after leaving Facebook (now Meta), Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are back with a new app called Artifact. Unlike the well-known social network, it is focused not on photographs, but on written publications. As specialist newsletter Platformer reports, it offers a personalized news feed using machine learning to understand user interests.

As a sort of TikTok for text, Artifact is also reminiscent of Google Reader, an RSS feed reader that was shut down in 2013. The application opens a feed displaying popular articles from major media such as small blogs. It will then be personalized according to the user’s clicks.

social news reader app

In addition to recommending content, Artifact will also have a feed showing articles posted by people that users follow, as well as their comments on those posts. It will also allow them to discuss the posts they read with their friends via private messages. At the moment, only beta testers of the application have access to these two functions. People who subscribe to the waiting list open on Tuesday will only see the main stream with featured content.

In an effort to provide users with quality information, the two founders of Instagram also plan to remove posts that promote lies. To see if Artifact will be as successful as TikTok. The app does have a few competitors, starting with other similar apps like Flipboard or SmartNews. It will also compete with Twitter, which serves as a source of information at a time when many users have been looking for an alternative to the social network since its takeover by Elon Musk.

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