What is the best antivirus to choose in 2022?

Viruses and other malicious programs have been around since the advent of computers. Long before the advent of the Internet, this malware was distributed through the exchange of files on floppy disks or CDs. Removable storage media (USB keys, external hard drives) and the widespread use of the Internet connection exacerbated this phenomenon. It is almost impossible to use a PC connected to the Internet without being attacked by one of its small malware. As a result, without a good antivirus, your machine will run slower. Crashes or freezes for a few seconds. Windows open on their own for no reason. Even worse, your data is corrupted! Family photos, administrative documents, work in progress… it’s all gone! So, take the lead, buy antivirus software and effectively protect yourself from all these threats right now.

A selection of the best antiviruses of 2022

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: The Foundation for Effective and Cost-Effective Protection

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – Disaster Recovery

With Bitdefender you get powerful and high performance protection. The publisher is known for offering very fast virus detection without penalizing the user with slowdowns. Definitely one of the best antivirus 2022 to protect up to 3 Windows PCs.

Most :

  • 3 secure PCs;
  • Very economical.


Bitdefender Total Security: Protect All Your Devices

Complete Bitdefender SecurityBitdefender Total Security – Disaster Recovery

For those running macOS or using an Android device, Total Security is the solution. Powerful, efficient and offering protection for 5 devices with one subscription, this is one of the best options to protect all your machines.

Most :

  • 5 secure devices;
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS.


  • Subscription for one year only.

Norton Antivirus Plus: A simple solution at a low price

Norton Antivirus PlusNorton Antivirus Plus – Disaster Recovery

Protect your computer, PC or MAC with a simple and effective antivirus. Norton has been one of the experts in cybersecurity and computer virus protection for many years. This antivirus also includes a password manager as well as a powerful firewall to monitor connection attempts to your computer.

Most :

  • Effective protection;
  • Low price.


  • Limited to one car.

Norton 360 Deluxe: 5 devices covered with one subscription

Norton 360 DeluxeNorton 360 Deluxe – Disaster Recovery

With 360 Deluxe, Norton provides protection for up to 5 PC or Mac devices, as well as support for tablets and smartphones. You can enjoy a secure connection with the built-in VPN, and your kids can surf the web safely with parental controls.

Most :

  • 5 secure devices;
  • Parental controls and VPN included.


  • Price for the first year.

Norton 360 Advanced: Complete Security Package

Norton 360 AdvancedNorton 360 Advanced – Disaster Recovery

Protect up to 10 devices with Norton 360 Premium. You get all the benefits of the Deluxe Edition plus 200 GB of cloud backup. This release also adds social media monitoring and support for stolen wallets.

Most :

  • monitoring of social networks;
  • 10 secure PCs, Macs or mobile devices.


  • High price after promotional period.

Panda Dome Premium: add a VPN to your protection

Panda Dome PremiumPanda Dome Premium – DR

The price is high, but the protection is maximum. With the Panda package you have effective virus protection. Your privacy is protected by the included Premium VPN. Your machine is kept up to date with a real-time needs manager. You also benefit from parental controls and the protection of your data.

Most :

  • ransomware protection;
  • PC optimization;
  • Monitor your data on the dark web.


Kaspersky Protection Premium: A subscription tailored to your needs

Kaspersky Protection PremiumKaspersky Protection Premium – disaster recovery

Kaspersky Editor is a benchmark in terms of computer security. The advantage of this comprehensive and powerful offering is that it can be customized to suit the number of devices to be protected. Do you have 3 PCs? Pay for 3. You have 5, pay for 5! Take advantage of the à la carte formula according to your needs.

Most :

  • User subscription from 1 to 20 devices;
  • Compatible with PC and Mac.


Why install an antivirus on a PC or smartphone?

Nobody is safe in 2022. A simple attachment sent by a mother-in-law could be malware sent unintentionally or after her mailbox was hacked. Once the file is open, it’s already too late. PC under Windows or Linux, tablet or smartphone under Android, Mac or iPhone, viruses are present and more or less dangerous.

Some just slow down your machine to annoy you, others get on your nerves by refusing to open corrupted files. Ads pop up full screen, or worse, your computer no longer responds… or a Trojan horse writes down all your passwords to send them unnoticed to a hacker…

The threat is real, the solution is simple: install an antivirus as soon as possible to keep your devices safe. You will be alerted as soon as a suspicious file is found. It will be quarantined and cleaned immediately. Plus, the latest versions of the best antiviruses run quietly in the background. They are efficient and have little to no effect on the power of your computer.

How to choose an antivirus in 2022?

To choose the best antivirus, you must inventory the security tools you already have installed. Are you using a VPN? Nope? So, choose the complete package that combines the protection of your Internet connections with a VPN and an acclaimed firewall.

How many devices do you have in stock? Don’t forget to include your kids’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A set of 5 or more protected devices can be a good solution.

Do you feel safe with a Mac? iPhone? These devices tend to be more secure due to Apple’s imposed control over third-party apps. However, there are disadvantages that hackers can take advantage of. Do not neglect the risk associated with this!

It’s better to have too much protection than to get irretrievably lost files. After installing a good antivirus, do not forget to save your data on external media.

As you just discovered, your computer is not the only target for malware. You should protect your smartphones and tablets with antivirus for maximum security. The security of your data depends on this.

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