What is the share of online games and video games in France?

Today, there are 39 million players in the French gaming sector, which is quite a lot as it is about half of the French population. Together they generate $4.3 billion in revenue, making France the 7th largest gaming market in the world.

French players who deepen their involvement in the sector

70% of these active gamers are true enthusiasts who don’t settle for distractions from time to time. This majority frequently download streaming content to watch and participate in online gaming communities.

Another quarter of the players easily play these games as a hobby.

Online gaming remains predominantly male: 53% versus 47% of women. This is due to forms of specialization of tastes, with games designed and created for clients who are passionate about military scenes, car racing, etc. The breakthrough of neo-feminism and the rejection of gender styles has led women to become interested in the same games as their counterparts. -men. Despite everything, 72% of them play or have played, but do not become professionals, more in search of a moment’s rest than claims to fame.

A phenomenon that is divided into generations

Almost a third of the players (31%) belong to the youth generation (students, professionals) between the ages of 21 and 35. The next wave (ages 36-50) remains just as adept, with 27% of their younger ones clinging to the wagon. Teenagers aged 10-20 who are under the responsibility of their parents are often influenced by their elders if they are also players. Elderly people (41-65) did not stand aside, 17% devote time to learning to play online, maybe for the elders, with their grandchildren?

A modest smartphone triumph

We could carry over previous reflections on the use of technology if we note that mobile devices are the most popular, with a modest 44%, with little advancement on the game console, still very active in France, with 41%. The PC accepts the “old beat”, stated only as the player’s best friend, by 30%.

Cross-referencing the numbers from these two tables, practices by age group, and preferred media used could tell us more to answer the question “who uses what?”:

  • The mobile phone is getting more and more features, from high-resolution photos to gaming applications, including GPS, transaction forms, bets, etc. Software providers understood the unlimited use they could offer for any game and video in the mobile version.
  • It is logical to assume that the console has a medium-term obsolescence, but it can also become more complex, with new possible applications. This has never happened before in France, a country more attached to its traditions? To be continued.
  • The environment that suffers the most is becoming PC in favor of mobile because gamers now want that kind of accessibility anywhere, anytime. However, for optimal gaming comfort at home, you still need: a huge screen, adapted furniture such as gaming chairs, headsets, and the latest computer equipment…

The duration of the mobile game remains very limited in time.

As we said, from the depletion of visual concentration due to a phone that is primarily a sound instrument and not designed for excessive visualization, at the start, the console offers more comfort:

  • his followers practice them for an average of four hours and forty minutes,
  • PC has only five minutes less stamina (four and thirty-five minutes).
  • Smartphone lovers give them up to twenty-three minutes less time to play, testifying to the lack of ergonomics on this little playmate.
  • Another factor: the multifunctionality of the phone encourages the player to other, more frequent and numerous actions, prompting him to be distracted and allowing him to exit the game: for example, answer a call, text. While PC or console allows you to focus and be exclusive.

Mobile gaming as a hobby remains a distraction while traveling (by car for non-drivers).

French professional teams are formidable rivals on a European and global level. They are worn by many experienced enthusiasts.

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