What kind of customer service do cryptocurrency casinos offer players?

You might think that in 2021, getting good customer service at the best cryptocurrency casinos will not be difficult. This is most often the case. However, there are always sites out there that do their best to give you more and others don’t. With that in mind (and with a focus on new cryptocurrency casino players), let’s take a look at the options you should be able to access before joining a bitcoin betting site.

Live chat is the solution

First of all, no casino customer service option is more strongly recommended than live chat. With the help of the live chat, you can talk to the support staff of the cryptocurrency casino in a matter of seconds. The basic idea is similar to text chat on Hangouts, Facebook, etc. Just enter your question and you can immediately start a conversation with support.

Prompt customer service by email – an option

Email support is available at almost all major cryptocurrency casinos. However, the ability to send an email to customer support is not enough. You also need to be sure that you can get the help you need quickly. Emailing casino customer support is not always the fastest way to get help, so be sure to choose a casino with an email response time of less than an hour.

Only free customer service is attractive

Telephone support can be found in some casinos, but not all. If you are planning to call customer support for help, you must be sure that the casino will answer you and not charge you a small fortune to help you. Always seek “free” help before calling them.

What about frequently asked questions?

You might think that putting a few words together using the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) guide shouldn’t be a big deal for the casino. However, many cryptocurrency casinos simply don’t have this option. You should always choose a casino that offers this opportunity. In addition, the information in the FAQ should be comprehensive. Frequently asked questions will help you with more than just stating the obvious.

Great customer service via social media

We live in an era where social media dominates everything, and now they can also become the backbone of customer service for cryptocurrency casinos. This is a less common option in casinos, but if available, it might be fine for you. However, the platforms you can use differ from site to site.

What customer service options can I expect at the best Bitcoin casinos?

Each cryptocurrency casino will have its own set of options. Ideally, you will need to make sure that the site of your choice has the option you want. We advise you to play on top sites like as they offer most of the above options 24 hours a day and do not charge you to use them.

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