What might life after death look like? AI responds with drawings

If you imagine the afterlife as a white fairytale paradise surrounded by rosy-cheeked angels, you might be disappointed. TikTok account The robot is overflowing asked artificial intelligence to generate images of what the afterlife might look like, and the result was closer to hell.

So the video shows a series of skeletons and creepy characters. The images were created using two artificial intelligence systems, Midjourney and DALLE-E 2, capable of realistically and artistically transcribing natural language descriptions. Therefore, it is likely that the source of these images are descriptions of people who have experienced clinical death or coma.

Specializes in artificial intelligence generated images, Robotoverloards, followed by over 200,000 people, daily shares such futuristic and depressing forecasts. He was also talked about thanks to his video, which featured the last selfies taken before the apocalypse.

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